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Free direct download last version BitTorrent Pro – Torrent App Apk Android from Rexdl.Find torrents and download them directly to your phone or tablet, AD-FREE, with the official BitTorrent® Pro app for Android– now with battery saving and auto-shutdown features.

BitTorrent – Torrent App is a torrent file downloader using official BitTorrent Android terminals. That means that it uses a highly-developed tool just like the popular BitTorrent for Windows.

The application lets you search any type of file with your cell phone’s interface in order to download it, subscribe to an RSS feed, play with certain content and much, much more. All of this from your phone’s simple and easily-accessable interface, and without having to pay a single dollar!

As might be expected, from this very same application you have the possibility to manages all types of torrents and download them. You can choose a location that they will be sent to after they’re downloaded, as well as the setting up the time to share them and who we want to send them too.

In the application’s options you can set up the upload and download limits that you want for BitTorrent – Torrent App. thanks to this you can fine tune these properties to the internet connection that you have at any moment.

BitTorrent – Torrent App is a complete torrent file downloader that saves any element that you could possibly want. In short, working with uTorrent, it makes the best alternative to download torrents on your Android device.

Upgrade to the Pro version of the BitTorrent® app– from the inventors of the BitTorrent protocol and the #1 BitTorrent client on desktops worldwide.**

We know you love media– and that you don’t want to be tied to your desktop to enjoy it. We’ve created this handy Android torrent app to help you download and play what you love, wherever you are. And, because the BitTorrent Pro Android app is new to the Google Play store, you can upgrade at a special introductory price.

Included in the Pro app:
 No banner ads
 Battery Saver feature- suspends torrents when battery goes below a predefined level
 Auto-shutdown feature to save battery + data. Automatically shut down torrenting when downloads are done and app is in background
 Introductory pricing

Standard features:
 Beautifully simple, clean design
 The very latest in core torrenting technology, continuously updated by dedicated core engineers to maximize performance
 Beautifully light, clean design
 Wifi-only mode to save on mobile data
 No speed limits and no size limits
 Easy access to your media with integrated music and video libraries
 Select files to download within a torrent to minimize your storage footprint
 Better listening and viewing experience with integrated music and video players
 Choose your file download location
 Download torrents and magnet links
 Translations in Pусский, Español, Italiano, Português do Brasil
 Access torrents with licensed content from BitTorrent’s content partners such as Moby and Public Enemy– from the get-go
 Make your Android device so much more fun

–From the BitTorrent mobile team.
“Committed to building a sustainable future for content. For all.”

**µTorrent for Windows, Mac, and Linux (torrents)


* ui refresh

* crash/bug fixes/improvements
fix crash in artists list fragment
fix external player for streaming
fix audio queries – avoid sqlite exceptions
fix torrent eta
fix bogus strings accepted in “Add Torrent URL” dialog
fix details refresh in dual pane
fix flicker in files sub-tree
harden media library
improve torrent progress detection
optimize file size formatting
don’t resize file list items when including or excluding
reduce flicker in the torrent list while removing torrent

BitTorrent for Android is the official application for this famous client to download all sorts of contents via the P2P network. Find torrents with the contents that you’re most interested in and open them with BitTorrent from your smartphone.

One of the most popular BitTorrent clients, also available on Android.

With the BitTorrent app you can download without speed or file size limitations. The only restrictions will be those established by your mobile device.

Download torrents and more from Android

The Android version of BitTorrent has the following features:

  • Subscription to RSS feeds.
  • Play the downloaded contents.

Wait no longer to download BitTorrent free for Android. Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.1.
  • Offers in-app purchases.

Download AdAway Apk For Android

April 17, 2019 | Apps | No Comments

AdAway apk free download link is here for you. This app is an excellent ad remover for Android devices which is very powerful. There are many annoying ads that distract whenever you navigate to a web page. You might sometimes get irritated dealing with these kinds of ads. So, AdAway Apk is a complete handy ad remover which easily blocks all the unwanted ads from your web browsing. If you want to deal with this issue on your Android device, then you have landed on the right page. Let me elaborate more about this app and how can you download it.

Features of AdAway App:

There are multiple kinds of ads such as banner ads that are hard to remove, popups, flash ads that cover the entire screen, etc. So, for dealing with all of these annoying ads on any web page of your device screen, you can use AdAway Apk. AdAway is an impressive ad blocking tools that have many inbuilt features in it. So here are some of the best features of AdAway Apk which is genuine.

  • It allows you to select hosts files of your own.
  • You can always add exceptions to the Whitelist if in case it is found not working while the specific host is blocked.
  • You can easily add new hostname and IP pairs of your own in the Redirect list.
  • It is an open source and Free Software (GPLv3+).
  • You can easily remove ads from all the apps (though if you want to remove ad from few apps/games permanently then you can use Lucky Patcher.)

Requirements for using AdAway Apk:

For using this excellent ads blocker AdAway Apk on your device, you must know the common requirements. You must have Android version 2.1, and your device must be rooted first of all. Similarly, read or write accessing on system partition is really necessary before you get AdAway Apk on your device.

Steps to Root your Android device:

Before downloading AdAway Apk, you must root access your device using the best rooting app. You can use the best rooting app Kingroot or Towelroot for the purpose. So, here are the steps to root your Android device with Kingroot or Towelroot.

  • First of all, you have to download Kingroot on your PC successfully.
  • Now, using USB cable, you can transfer the downloaded Kingroot on your Mobile.

OR you can directly download Kingroot apk in your Android phone.

  • Install the Kingroot on your Smartphone by enabling the Unknown Sources of your device Settings.
  • You can now launch the Kingroot app from your Android Smartphone and allow the app to install all the important apps and files.
  • Now, go to the root option and tap to start rooting your Android device.
  • The rooting will get completed in a few minutes, and you will need to restart your Smartphone.

How to download AdAway Apk on your rooted Smartphone?

For downloading AdAway Apk on your rooted Smartphone, you can easily click on the link provided here. This link will redirect you to the official page of AdAway where from you can easily download. The AdAway Apk is not even available in the Google Play Store of your device. So, we are providing you the link for easy downloading of this excellent ad blocking the app. You can now easily download the app from the link mentioned below.

Download APK

How to install AdAway Apk on your Smartphone?

After successfully downloading the AdAway Apk on your Smartphone, you will need to install it securely. For the installation of this downloaded Apk file, you can follow the easy steps mentioned below:

  1. Go to your device Settings and tap the Security option.
  2. Under the Security option, you will the Device Administration button, tap on it.
  3. Now enable the Unknown Sources option by turning it ON.
  4. Now, navigate to your device File Manager and find the downloaded Apk file.
  5. Tap on the AdAway Apk twice, and the installation will take place automatically.

How to use AdAway on your Smartphone to block ads?

  • First, you can open the AdAway Apk on your device where you will be asked the root permission by the prompt.
  • You can now press the “Download files and apply ad blocking” button.
  • The app will apply the host files which will start the ad blocking will take place.
  • Now a popup will appear on your screen to reboot the phone; you can do as said or deny.
  • You can successfully use the host files to the blocking lists.

AdAway is the best-suggested app for getting free from fake advertisements and ads. Using AdAway Apk, you can thus remove and block all the annoying ads on your web page. So, you can enjoy your task without any kinds of disturbing ads that harm your work.

If you’re fed up with intrusive adverts that don’t let you browse from your Android without worries, you can try adAway. This application helps you to block adverts and browse faster with lower data consumption.

Browse without distractions and bothers.

You can’t use adAway without rooting your phone

That’s probably that the greatest hindrance of this adAway, but its awesome features might help you to decide to go for some superuser permissions on your handset. This is what you can do once you download and run this APK:

  • Block intrusive and annoying adverts.
  • Create whitelists of web pages.
  • Create blacklists choosing hosts.

Its sober and functional design will help you to gain more control over your browsing experience from your phone or tablet. Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.1.
  • The installation of the app by means of the APK file requires the activation of the “Unknown sources” option within Settings>Applications.

AdAway is an ad blocker which effectively installs a filter at the root levels of your device. This filter automatically blocks data from certain advertising-prone web servers.

When an app tries to show you an advertisement from one of these servers, it simply redirects the ad to, which is nothing.

You can add your own blocked servers to the list or rely on the built-in database. In most cases, the servers that deliver advertisements only deliver advertisements: so you’re not blocking any other important data or information on your device.

The end result is that you get an ad-free Android experience across all apps – including YouTube.

Google hates apps like AdAway and other ad blocking apps: it recently removed all such apps from the Google Play Store, which is why you have to install AdAway in the form of an APK.


AdAway’s APK is available for free online. It’s always been open source free software (GPLv3+). You can, however, donate to the developer at the official AdAway site.

You can also install AdAway without flashing the APK – you just need to use F-Droid (we’ll explain more below in the Installation section).


AdAway blocks advertisements from appearing anywhere on your Android device. You need to be rooted to use AdAway because it installs itself on the root layers of your system, blocking apps from appearing anywhere on your device.

Here are the core features of AdAway:

-Choose your own sources of host files (host files are the lists of blocked advertisers)

-Add exceptions to your whitelist if a certain app isn’t working with certain hosts are blocked

-Define extra hostnames in your blacklist if some ads are sneaking through the filter

-Add your own hostname + IP pairs in the Redirection List

-Clean, modern UI which is extremely easy to use


AdAway and its other advertisement blocking friends were recently removed from the Google Play Store. Google obviously doesn’t like it when an app can singlehandedly block something that earns Google billions of dollars per year.

Installing AdAway today is a bit more difficult. Here’s the step-by-step installation guide:

-Make sure your Android is set to allow app installations from unknown sources (i.e. sources outside the Google Play Store). You can enable this in Settings > Security or Settings > Applications. You might want to uncheck the unknown sources option after you’ve finished installation AdAway (you just need it enabled for the actual install part).

-Download and install a third-party app store called F-Droid on your device. F-Droid is officially affiliated with AdAway. You’ll need to sideload F-Droid: it comes in the form of an APK file. Download that APK file from here and place it into your device’s internal storage. Open the file manager on your device, find the APK you downloaded, and tap it to install it.

Open the F-Droid app on your Android device and it will begin scanning your device for compatibility. Once the scan is complete, search for AdAway from inside F-Droid. Find it, download it, and install it.

Open AdAway and give it root access. After granting root access, you’ll need to press the Download files and apply ad blocking button. AdAway will go to work, modifying host files and blocking advertisements.

-Restart your device to complete the installation process.

After restarting, all of the ads you see in YouTube, messaging apps, games, and other apps will have disappeared. That’s it!

dSploit – Android App For Hackers

April 12, 2019 | Apps | No Comments

dSploit is a penetration testing suite developed by Simone Margaritelli for the Android operating system. It consists of several modules that are capable of performing network security assessments on wireless networks. It allows you to perform tasks such as network mapping, vulnerability scanning, password cracking, Man-In-The-Middle attacks and much more.


  • Your Android device must be rooted and it must have an ARM CPU.
  • Android version 2.3 (Gingerbread) or higher.
  • The device must have BusyBox or SuperUser installed (full installation).

Download Links:

  • Download dSploit [ZippyShare link] (RAR file password: effecthacking)

You can use the RAR android app to extract compressed files on Android.

  • Download Dsploit.apk [sabercathost link]

How To Use dSploit

First, download dSploit and install it on your android device. Open it. You will see a window as shown below.   
If it displays the “No connectivity available” message, tap on the WiFi icon at the top-right side of the window. It will display available networks:   Now, tap on the network and you’ll be asked to enter the WiFi key:   Enter the WiFi key and tap on “Ok“.  It should display all the devices connected to the network. Now all you have to do is, select a target device and a module to run. 

What are the Modules Available On dSploit?

Router PWN, Trace, Port Scanner, Inspector, Vulnerability Finder, Login Cracker, MITM and Packet Forger. 

Router PWN:

The router PWN module opens a service that can help you in the exploitation of router vulnerabilities. More clearly, it is a webpage that provides a compilation of ready to run local and remote exploits. 

How To Use Router PWN :

  • Tap on the Router PWN module will open up
  • Then, tap on the target router vendor, it will show you the list of ready to run local and remote exploits.
  • You can try each and every exploit on the target router! Have fun….


  Trace module allows you to perform traceroute on the target. More clearly, it will help you to identify the target IP address and the connection speed. It is basically used to identify, where the connection is actually slowing down and which intermediate router/device is responsible for that. 

How To Use Trace:

  • First, Tap on the Trace option…
  • Then, tap on the start button, it will show you target’s IP address and response time.

Port Scanner:

 It allows you to identify open ports without establishing a connection (SYN scanning also known as half-open scanning). 

How To Use Port Scanner:

  • First, tap on port scanner option and then tap on “start“. It will display the open port along with the service.


 Inspector option (slower than port scanning) allows you to detect target’s operating system and services. 

How To Use Inspector:

  • First, tap on Inspector and then tap on “start” button. It will display target information such as operating system, services and device type.

Vulnerability Finder:

 It allows you to search for known vulnerabilities of target’s running services. 

How To Use Vulnerability Finder:

  • Tap on “Vulnerability Finder” and then tap on search. Before starting Vulnerability Finder, you should run Inspector to identify target’s services.

If there is any known vulnerability for target running services, Vulnerability Finder will display it.

Login Cracker:

 It allows you to crack admin passwords. It is a faster logon cracker that supports many services.  

How To Use Login Cracker:

  • Tap on Login cracker option…. it will open up a window like this:

 As you can see, you can change the service, port number, character set, username and password length. It also provides options for dictionary attack — “User word list” and “Password word list“. You don’t know what is a dictionary attack? Let me tell you, a dictionary attack is an attempt to break in a login system using a file containing the guessed username and password list. So, set the options according to your needs. Then tap on “START” button. It will soon display the valid username and password. 

MITM (Man In The Middle Attack):

This option allows you to intercept and play with the target’s network traffic. The MITM category has several useful tools such as Simple Sniff, Password Sniffer, Session Hijacker, Kill Connections, Redirect, Replace Images, Replace Videos, Script Injection and Custom Filter.

Simple Sniff:

It allows you to redirect the target’s traffic through your device to get some stats about target’s traffic. 

How To Use Simple Sniff:

  • First, tap on “Simple Sniff” tool…. Below window appears: (Dialogue box saying ” Do you want to save sniffed traffic to a pcap file”).
  • Tap on “Yes” and then tap the “Start” button. It will start to display the real-time stats.

Password Sniffer:

It helps you to sniff passwords from the target!. It supports many services including HTTP, FTP, IMAP, IRC, MSN and so on. 

How To Use Password Sniffer:

  • First tap on “password sniffer” tool…..and then tap on “start“…. It will start to display the sniffed passwords from the target.

Session Hijacker:

People who have read my previous articles under security tools category knows what is a session hijacker and how to use it. Yes, I’m talking about the DroidSheep and FaceNiff article. If you are not a frequent visitor, I recommend you to read those articles to get a clear picture about Session Hijacking.

A quick note: By using session hijacking method, you can steal session cookies of victim’s web profile and then gain access to victim’s web account without the password.

How To Use Session Hijacker:

  • Tap on Session Hijacker option…. then it will open up a window like this:
  • Tap on “Start” button… it will display sessions from the target, tap on the target session will display a dialog box saying “Stop sniffing and start session hijacking?“. Then tap on “Yes“. It will open up the victim’s web profile on your smartphone! (No password or username needed). See the images below:

Kill Connections:

It allows you to block the target from accessing any website or server!

How To Use Kill Connections:

Just tap on “Kill connections” option!


It allows you to redirect the target’s HTTP traffic to another address. That is, if the target is trying to visit a website (HTTP) example,, you can redirect him/her to another website like!

How To Use Redirect:

  • Just tap on “Redirect“….. it will open up a box like this:
  • Type the IP address of a website in the Address field. You can obtain it by using this site. (You can also change the port address)
  • Then tap on “OK“.

Replace Images:

This option allows you to replace all images with a specified one.

How To Use Replace Images:

  • Tap on Replace Images and it will open up a window like this:
  • Select an option “Local Images” or “Web URL“. If you just selected the Local images, it will open up a window like this:
  • Select Gallery and then select an image. It will replace the images with your image.

If you just selected Web URL option, enter the URL of the image and then tap “OK“.  

Replace Videos:

This module allows you to replace all the YouTube videos on web pages with the specified one. 

How To Use Replace Videos:

  • Tap on Replace videos… will open up a window like this:
  • Enter the URL of the video in the window and then tap on “OK“. It will replace the videos with the video in your URL.

Script Injection:

This allows an attacker to inject a malicious JavaScript in web pages (By intercepting targets traffic, not by hacking the website).  

How To Use Script Injection:

  • Tap on the Script Injection option…..It will display a window like this:
  • Choose a method, you can choose a JavaScript file or write some code. Tap on the “Custom Code”, the below window appears:
  • Edit the code and then tap on “OK” button.

Custom Filter:

Custom Filter allows you to replace custom text on web pages with the specified one. 

How To Use Custom Filter:

  • Tap on the “Custom Filter” option….. It will display a window like this:
  • Fill it up! ( see the image below)
  • Then tap on “OK“, it will replace websites text with specified text.

Now the MITM part is over, let’s go back to the “Packet Forger“. 

Packet Forger:

 Packet Forger tool allows you to craft and send a custom TCP or UDP packet to the target. 

How To Use Packet Forger:

  • Tap on “Packet Forger“. It will display a window like this:
  • As you can see in the image, you can change the protocol, port and the packet. A single tap on the “Request” side will open the default text editor. Craft your custom packet and send it to the target. (You can also get the response in the same window!)

What Are The Other Options Available On dSploit?

There are many additional options available in dSploit, let’s take a look at the main menu (below image).

As you can see, there is plus button(+), a refresh button and a WiFi button.

  • The plus button allows you to add a custom target. You can enter an URL, host name or ip address in the field (see the image below). After entering it, tap on the “OK” button to add the target in the current session.
  • The refresh button is to refresh the current session.
  • WiFi button allows you to select the target network.

Next, tap on the recent tasks key in the navigation bar, a small list of options appears (See the image below):

New Session: For starting a new session.

Save session: For saving the current session.

Restore session: For opening a saved session.

Settings: Opens a panel of additional settings. Mainly, you can enable or disable SSL stripping! Yes, dSploit has it.

Start Network Monitor/Stop Network Monitor: For starting or stopping the network monitoring process.

Most asked questions about dSploit

1. Is it possible to hack WiFi passwords using dSploit?

It is not. dSploit is a MITM (man in the middle) attack tool. It is not WiFi password hacking tool. If you want to hack WiFi passwords, use these tools:

  • WIBR (WiFi BruteForce) – Android App For Hackers
  • WIBR+ – WiFi Hacking Tool For Android

2. Can I hack Facebook accounts using dSploit?

No, you can’t hack facebook accounts using the dSploit. What you need is a spy program. There are several spy apps out there, but I recommend mSpy (by the way it is not free).

3. Is there a pro version of dSploit?

No, there is no pro version of dSploit. If you see an app that says dsploit pro.apk, that is probably a malware.

4. My antivirus app tells me that the dSploit app is a malware. Is it true?

dSploit is not a malware. That is just a false positive.

That’s all, hope you enjoyed reading the article. If you find this article worthy, share it with your friends.

Messenger Lite for Android

March 30, 2019 | Apps | No Comments

Messenger Lite is a slimmed-down version of Facebook’s popular Messenger app. Messenger is a widely-used personal messaging tool, but older or less expensive phones sometimes struggle to run the relatively demanding app. 

Not much to it — but that’s the point

This version is aimed squarely at markets where older mobile devices are common, particularly in the developing world, as part of Facebook’s ongoing campaign to make inroads into what it calls “the next billion,” internet users around the world who lack unlimited data connections and high-end devices.

As you might expect, Messenger Lite is a lighter version of Messenger. It allows you to do the basic functions — send and receive messages with other users. Lite users can also send links and photographs, as well as receive stickers. In terms of features, it’s a few years behind its larger counterpart, but it still covers the main functions of a messaging app. It’s also much smaller and less demanding than the main Messenger app. 

Messenger Lite is an official client developed by Facebook for its well-known instant messaging service. The biggest draw is that this client takes up much less space than the standard version, occupying a little less than 10 megabytes. This makes it lighter, which means it can run without any problems on older devices with previous versions of Android.

The application is an official one, so it has practically all the same functions as the original chat service, enabling you to talk with your friends individually or in groups by sending and receiving text, images, videos, and stickers.

The difference between this client and unofficial ones that you can find online is that Messenger Lite can work in the background and send notifications for messages f your friends, like triggering vibrations or lighting up the device’s screen when there is any activity. In practical terms, it has the same features as the original client without taking up as much space and consuming as many resources, which is what Facebook applications are generally known for.

Messenger Lite is a fantastic alternative to the official Facebook client. It’s especially useful in countries where wireless connections struggle with the huge amount of data needed to run the official client. It’s also compatible with a large number of devices and older versions of Android (as far back as 2.3 Gingerbread), though of course you can use it no matter what your situation is.

Easy to use, but maybe not for you

If you have a modern mobile device and access to a reliable, low-cost internet connection, there’s no real reason to choose Messenger Lite. However, if you have an older phone or want to minimize your data use while still staying in touch with other Messenger users, this is an excellent way to do it. 

Download Messenger Lite APK v52. Messenger Lite is a lighter version of popular messaging app  messenger which is best suited for devices with low memory and storage. It uses less data and is designed to work with poor network conditions. If you need a quick install on the go, then this app will suite your expectations. Messenger lite is facebook’s effort to make their apps accessible to everyone just like they did in Facebook lite previously. Messenger Lite is posted in Communication category and is developed by Facebook Inc. The average rating is 5.0 out of 5 stars on our website. However, this app was rated 4.4 out of 5 stars according to different rating platforms.

You may also leave your review for Messenger Lite on our website so that our users may have a good idea about the app. If you want to know more about Messenger Lite then you may visit facebook help for more information. Average rating of 4.4 is calculated by taking account of ratings by 748,573 users. The app was rated 1 stars by 35,274 users and 5 stars by 517,441 users. This app is downloaded minimum 100,000,000 times but the number of downloads might be as high as 500,000,000. Download Messenger Lite if you need a free app from the Communication category for your device but you will need Android 2.3.2 version or higher to install this app.

This app was posted on October 3, 2016 and is available since then on AndroidAPKsFree. The current version is The app is available in english and the total versions you can download are 50. Download APK and open it using your favourite File manager and install by tapping on the file name. If the installation does not start then you need to enable unknown sources from your Android settings.

Some apps like Messenger Lite are Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Gmail, Viber. If you want to write a review then install this app and rate on our website. The download is hassle free as our speed is fast and we offer direct links to all the available 50 versions of the Messenger Lite free.

A fast and data-efficient messaging app to reach the people in your life. Messenger Lite:

– Installs quickly. It’s less than 10 MB to download!
– Saves data. It loads quickly, runs efficiently and uses less mobile data.
– Works everywhere: Reach people when you’re in an area with a slow or unstable Internet connection.

With Messenger Lite, you can:
– Contact anyone on Messenger, Facebook or Facebook Lite.
– See when people are active and available to chat.
– Message people one to one or in groups to catch up or make plans.
– Send photos or links, or express yourself with stickers.
Make one-to-one voice and video calls for free over Wi-Fi (otherwise standard data charges apply). Talk for as long as you want, even with people in other countries.

You may never think that typing can cost you a lot of time but it does. If those seconds are added up, you can save a considerable amount of time from typing alone. That’s why the Gboard for Android has been designed and developed, so you not only save your precious time, but you can also have a more effective result from it. It comes with a combination of reliability and speed; not to mention that the added features will make typing faster and even more fun. Voice typing, for instance, is the feature where you can use voice command instead of manual typing. Or glide typing where you only need to slide the fingers from one letter to another for faster result.

There are some useful tips that you should be able to find across the internet. Those tips can improve your way in using the app. There are even shortcuts so you don’t have to deal with manual typing anymore. For instance, if you want to use the symbol hints, you need to go to the Settings first, choose Preference, and then choose Long Press for Symbols. Once you activate it, you can get direct access to symbols simply by doing a long press on the button. It’s pretty neat, right?


  • Integrated Google search is super impressive and nice.
  • Handy features, such as emoji or gif sharing, will make typing super-fast and efficient.


  • No custom change. You use and accept the app as it is.
  • In some devices, the apps may crash constantly.

How to Use the App

Once you install the app, you can use it as it is. If you want to search something from Google, you only need to press the G symbol and type. If it is pretty common, like news articles, nearby stores, or weather forecast, it would be displayed in no time. If you like to use emojis so much, you only need to press the Enter for quite a while to get the access to hundreds of them. However, it is only applicable in Android 4.4 and above.

All in all, having this virtual keyboard is pretty handy. You should download one and try it on your own. It may take a while to get yourself get used to it but most people end up liking it.


  • 50+ language varieties, including: Alas, Amis, Brahui, Choctaw, Gayo, Giryama, Gorontalo, Gusii, Hehe, Iban, Jingpho, Kadazandusun, Kamba, Kekchi, Konkomba, Konzo, Kumyk, Lugbara, Luo, Makassar, Meru, Nande, Ndau, Nkore, Nyaturu, Sasak, Teso, Tooro & Wayuu, Karelian, Komi-Permyak, Eastern Oromo, Trinidadian Creole English

Not all keyboards are the same; you should know it by now. That’s why Gboard latest APK (26780714) isn’t only handy, but it is also able to deliver so many different tweaks and functionality to the users. As the name suggests, Gboard is basically a keyboard application (runs virtually, obviously) created for iOS and Android gadgets. If you want to save time for typing, this is the perfect app to have. Not only this app can include predictive typing actions or also web result search, you can also enjoy the emoji content and gif sharing feature. There are so many handy features for this app, including support for the multilingual language ability.

Google Keyboard is one of the most used application in Android, even if people don’t think about it. The application is accessed every time users write a message or tap on a field that requires input. It’s omnipresent, and it’s a powerful app, but it’s much more powerful than users might think.

The application also comes with swipe gestures for faster writing or voice typing. Of course, Google Keyboard also features a ton of emoji, which will work on all Android devices since they all have this app installed.

Other features include word completion suggestions to make typing even faster, the ability to learn as you type without the need to add words to the dictionary, synchronization across devices, symbol hints, one-handed mode, fast capitalization, and different layouts for different languages.

  For more information on downloading Gboard – the Google Keyboard to your phone, check out our guide: how to install APK files.


  • The official keyboard from Google for Android
  • Support for automatics word completion
  • Swipe gestures for faster writing
  • Synchronization across devices
  • Multiple layouts available
  • Support for numerous emoji

TubeMate Android Apk

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At this stage, everybody knows what YouTube is all about. The portal owned by Google is one of the most visited pages on the Internet and there’s not a day in which any user on the Internet doesn’t end up consuming the videos it hosts: music videos, tutorials, full movies, youtubers, jokes, pranks, cats, dogs… basically anything.

TubeMate YouTube Downloader is an app to download videos from Youtube directly onto your mobile phone, thanks to which you can have all your favorite videos saved within your SD card memory and watch whenever you want.

Using this app is as simple as accessing the video of interest through the ‘browser’ that comes integrated within the app itself. From there, simply press the green arrow located at the bottom of the screen.

At that moment you can choose what quality you want to download your video in, normally having many different resolution options adapted to the various terminals Android compatible with this app. Depending on the download format you choose, you might need an extra app to play your files.

The downloaded videos by default are sent your storage card, but you can easily move them at your whim if you’d prefer to store them in separate places. TubeMate YouTube Downloader is a very easy to use video downloader tool whose main trick is precisely that: you can download any video in seconds.

They say it’s the best app to download videos from YouTube

Well, if you want to make the most of all the contents of this site without needing an Internet connection, you can download TubeMate YouTube Downloader. By installing the APK of this application on your Android you can get hold of a local copy of any of the videos hosted on this web that usually require us to have a 3G, 4G or 5G data connection or a wireless network to be able to watch them.

An excellent way to save videos on your phone and play them without connection.

Once you’ve downloaded them to your mobile device, you can access them even when you’re without a signal, either to watch them or share them by WhatsApp, Telegram or any other chat or messaging app. You can even upload them to your favorite social networks such as Facebook or any other one.

Main features of TubeMate

  • Download videos (MP4 or 4GP format) or extract their audio (MP3 or AAC format).
  • Built-in search engine.
  • Easy-to-use thanks to its simple interface.
  • Choose between different resolutions.
  • Built-in multimedia player to play the downloaded files.
  • Option to pause and resume downloads.
  • Compatible with several simultaneous downloads.
  • TV synchronization.

How to connect TubeMate to a TV?

This app also allows you to cast contents to other devices via streaming, for example, to your home TV. For such purpose, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Step 1: Go to Settings Connect to a TV.
  2. Step 2: Search for the YouTube app on your SmartTV or PlayStation or Xbox consoles.
  3. Step 3: On the settings page search for the option Configure device.
  4. Step 4: Type in the synchronization code and the name of the TV on TubeMate.

You’ll now be able to mirror any content you’ve downloaded, whether it’s sound or image.

Can I download TubeMate from Google Play?

For the time being, the answer is no. Google doesn’t offer on its store applications that can be used to rip contents from its video site, so you won’t be able to find it there. You’ll have to resort to alternative download sites like Malavida.

What’s new in the latest version

The new version of TubeMate fixes video parsing errors found in previous versions, as well as correcting certain unresponsive buttons. It also corrects subtitle problems. Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.0.3.

Unlike the other similar apps, Tubemate YouTube Downloader truly downloads the videos from YouTube on your phone. And with an interface similar to that of the actual YouTube, it is most likely true that you’ll find this app easy to use. Even so, as you go to watch any video you like, the interface has will give you an option to download it. Easy, simple, and familiar, using this cool YouTube video downloaded will never cause you any fuss!

Once the APK file is downloaded, the installation will take a slightly different method which will be explained later.

While it’s true that the app is a truly great app. It allows you to enjoy an unlimited fun while watching your favorite videos from YouTube, even when you are not connected to any internet connection. However, there are some drawbacks this video downloaded carries as well.


  • This app is the only app for the Android operating system that really downloads videos from YouTube on your device.
  • With an interface similar to YouTube, you can also browse the videos easily just like when you do it via the official YouTube application.
  • There are multiple connections available for you to download the videos faster.
  • You have the option to pause and resume your download from anywhere.
  • There are various options for video resolution you can choose from. It supports not only 240p and 360p, but also the high-definition 1080p, combined with another app named MP3 Media Converter.
  • Even though it is mostly known for being an app that enables users to download videos from YouTube, you can also download from other sites, such as Dailymotion and Vimeo.
  • There is a separate section where you can keep record of all the downloaded videos and downloading.


  • Even so, not all videos can be downloaded, which is such an unfortunate, for sure.
  • As we have hinted above, you can only download the high-definition videos with support since it requires an MP3 media converter too to complete this task.
  • Unfortunately, many users complain about how this app often crashes, meaning that this app is pretty unstable.
  • When downloading videos, it’s best for you when you’re on a better network (Wi-Fi is more preferred), since it’s very difficult for users to download when they’re on 2G network.

How to Install Tubemate for Android

Here are the steps required to install Tubemate on your Android device.

  • Make sure that APK has already been downloaded.
  • Go to the Settings menu on your device, then open Security tab. Find the Unknown Sources option.
  • There’s a button right next to the Unknown Sources option; toggle it and it will light up. By toggling the button on, this means you allow any apps that are downloaded from outside Play Store to be installed on your Android device.
  • Go to the location where the APK you’ve downloaded is stored on. Alternatively, simply opening it from the Download menu. Tap on the file to run the setup.
  • Agree to the permissions the app asks, and then install the APK file.
  • Wait until the download is completed so you can finally watch movies and TV shows online straight from your Android device!

How to Use

Actually, there’s a reason why Tubemate app has an interface similar to that of the official YouTube mobile app. It’s because this video downloaded app for Android device accesses YouTube as an overlay. And as you’re selecting a video to download, you’ll be given two options: to watch or download a video. And since you’re using this app here to download, simply click on the green arrow located on the bottom of your screen. Then, you will find a pop-up, which offers the two options: Download and Watch.

Even though it enables you to download videos in any quality, it actually depends on the video source. In addition to that, there are also different streaming options which are similar to what are given to you when you’re downloading any video. All the videos downloaded using this app are saved in MP4 format, which can be found in the default Videos folder.

You can also download MP3 from the videos using Tubemate. Note that the audio quality is most likely different, depending on the original video quality itself. Even so, the audio quality downloaded from this app may be lower than expected, although it’s still listenable anyway. The MP3 files downloaded using this app is saved in the MP3 folder on your device.

In general, it’s always easy and simple to save and download the videos from YouTube using this app. The options of video quality are available widely, so you can freely choose which one you’d like to keep on your device, including the high quality one. And although the audio quality is more like the streaming previews, this will suffice if you only want to sample the audio clip.


  • Bug fixes

Since launching of whatsapp chat app it has became very popular for their useful and unique features which we already discussed in previous articles. Mostly users are aware from whatsapp group operation, uses and requirement. Here I am going to explain you amazing trick by which you can join any whatsapp group without informing or permission of admin. Just follow this 2 minutes process and you done. Before start please update your whatsapp application with latest version.

Note: Normally the group admins can have rights to add members

WhatsApp Group Links (Method 1)

You don’t need to install any third party app or add-ons.

Step 1:
Open facebook app in your smart phone device. Tap on search box and type “WhatsApp Group Links”. Tap on search or enter. You will see many groups list as a result, tap on any group.

Step 2: 
You will find whatsapp Group link, tap on your favorite link. You will find many groups of your choice.

Step 3:
The group will be opened after tap on that link and you will be added in that group without any trouble. You can exit from that group anytime to save your mobile memory etc or group is not useful. You can’t join a group if you get message “group is full”. All other thing will be work similar like a normal group.

WhatsApp Group Links (Method 2)

If you’re a member of any whatsapp group and you want to add other member without admin permission in that particular group then this method can help you.

Step 1: Update Whatsapp
To enable this new feature you have to update your whatsapp beta version.

Step 2: Send invite link or whatsapp groups
Open the group in which you want to add other member, you will get an invite link which you need to share with contacts which you want to add.

Step 3: Contact receive notification
The front person will receive a notification for group joining with two options CANCEL and JOIN GROUP with below message.

Do you want to join the group “Group name”? This group created by “First admin name” and has XX number of participants. If person click on JOIN GROUP then whatsapp system take few minutes for verification and your contact person will become member of that particular group.

According to the report, while Signal and Threema’s flaws were not so serious, with WhatsApp they released that anyone with control of the app’s servers could insert new people into private groups. This will be possible without needing the group administrator’s permission, according to the researchers. WhatsApp has introduced end-to-end encryption across the app and made all conversations on the group private, meaning no third-party can read them, be it government, criminals or even WhatsApp itself. WhatsApp incidentally relies on the Signal protocol for its end-to-end encryption.

According to the report on Wired, researchers pointed out a bug in WhatsApp’s system of authentication. They point out that “WhatsApp doesn’t use any authentication mechanism” when a new member is added to the group and this is something its own servers can spoof as well. Someone with control of WhatsApp’s servers can add a new person to a group without administrator even knowing, is what the researchers claim.

While messages shared before the attacker enters the group cannot be read, it does give the person access to all messages which are shared from this point onward. The researchers say there are many risks in group chats where the hacker has control of the server, because they can then manipulate who gets what messages, delete messages and more.

WhatsApp makes moves to prevent India lynch mobs

Facebook Inc’s WhatsApp is rolling out measures to rein in messages forwarded by users, the messaging app said, after the spread of rumors led to several killings in India and sparked calls for action from authorities.

The paper is now available online. The security researchers have argued that security protocols on group chats will need to be enhanced in light of the vulnerabilities pointed out by them. According to the paper, investigation into “end-to-end protected group communications” has gained only little attention. They also point out that while they focused on three applications, their “methodology and the
underlying model is of generic purpose and can be applied to other secure group instant messaging protocols as well.” 

WhatsApp confirmed these finding to Wired, though it said every time a new unknown member is added, the app has a notification alert go out. In a statement to Wired, the company said, “We’ve looked at this issue carefully…Existing members are notified when new people are added to a WhatsApp group. We built WhatsApp so group messages cannot be sent to a hidden user.”

WhatsApp Group Links (Method 3)

You can join unlimited whatsapp groups without admin permission using this mobile app. Here I am going to explain steps.

Step 1: Open Google play store and search for “Group for Whatsapp”, you may find many apps with similar name. Select the app with having 3 jooju icon. Install that app in your mobile phone.

Step 2: Open it and perform sign up. You will see many categories of different whatsapp group. Here you can submit any other whatsapp group for other user to join. Just need to enter group name, whatsapp group link, Language and category. You can report any group for spam behavior.

Step 3: To join group -> Select your preferred category – > Select language – > Tap on group name list under that group – > Tap on red button with having name as “JOIN WHATSAPP GROUP”, that group is entered in whatsapp group.

Step 4: You will see popup with option CANCEL and JOIN GROUP link. Click on JOIN Group and you done it. You are added in that particular group after few moments and share your content, receive contents from other group members.


  • A group admin can remove you or block you if he/she find that your number is added forcefully or not added by him/her without any permission
  • You can become a member only, can’t request for admin or can’t become admin for any group

Let me know if you find your favorite group and able to join.

Download WiFiKill apk for Android

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If you manage a WiFi network and you want to know exactly which devices are connected and what they’re downloading, the application WiFiKill will allow you to know straight from your smartphone and tablet. Furthermore, it offers you all this information from a very user-friendly interface.

How to control the traffic of a WiFi network?

By installing this APK, you’ll have access to a control panel that lists all the devices that make use of your network with their corresponding IP and name, as well as other details such as the manufacturer. You only need to run the app and configure your access point, for which purpose you’ll obviously need your network access key.

From that moment onwards, any device that uses it to browse the Internet will appear on the list, regardless of whether it’s an Android, a Windows PC, Linux, macOS, iPhone or iPad. You can check, without problems, what pages it visits and how much data it downloads.

Well, it’s quite clear what you can use the application for: to spy on other people that use your same network. You’ll probably find it very useful if you want to know what your kids are up to on their phone: you’ll know even if they browse in incognito mode.

Free or Pro version? Which one shall I go for?

If something’s for free and it works, just take it. The thing is that the free version, as well as showing adverts on the interface, disconnects every 5 minutes, so if we want to use it continuously we might be better off purchasing the full version via PayPal on the developer’s website.

Another drawback is the fact that it won’t work with unrooted devices. That means that you’ll have to figure out how to root your device with some sort of app of the likes of KingoRoot to gain superuser permissions. Requirements and additional information:

  • Requires Android 4.0 or above.
  • The installation of the app by means of the APK file requires the activation of the “Unknown sources” option within Settings>Security.
  • The free version has certain limitations.
  • Requires a rooted device.
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.0.
  • The installation of the app by means of the APK file requires the activation of the “Unknown sources” option within Settings>Applications.

Occasionally, it happens with you that you are working on a vital official task, but the slower speed of internet annoys you. It happens because of a shared WiFi connection. Other users connected to your WiFi network are also using the bandwidth, and thus, the internet speed is slower.

Consequently, you are unable to continue your work. Sometimes, this annoying situation is intolerable as it wastes a lot of time. You may want to show your frustration to the people using your shared WiFi network. However, I will not recommend you to do so.

Here, I am going to tell you an alternative way. The best way to handle such a situation is to disconnect other users from the network to increase the bandwidth. Unbelievable for you? Surely it is. But, you can do so by using WiFiKill app that has been mainly built to help you in such situations. Let’s have a look on WiFiKill and its salient features.

What is WiFiKill?

If observed keenly, WiFiKill is a fantastic app that can be used to stop the people using your WiFi connection. There may be a person in your locality who has hacked your WiFi network. So, he may be using your WiFi network without your consent. WiFiKill tool kills all such connections that have connected to your network irrelevantly.

Thus, you can use the full bandwidth of WiFi without being frustrated. In fact, this useful app has been built mainly for Android users. Earlier, it was available in the Android market. Currently, it comes among the list of banned apps as many people can misuse it.

Mainly, if they are using a public network, they can be a threat to the privacy of other people. Nobody can deny its usefulness if he uses it for the right purpose. Let’s see how useful it is.

WiFiKill Salient Features

Generally, WiFiKill works like a hacker app and shows the internet bandwidth your Android phone has used. It also shows the detailed description of the running bandwidth.

If you have visited some websites, it will also keep the record of the visited sites. So, the blog traffic history can help you to manage the bandwidth usage if you are using a limited bandwidth package. It shows not only your blog traffic but also the sites visited by other users who are using the same network. That’s why, it is a kind of hacking app because you hack the privacy of other users.

Moreover, the app also reveals the network names of other users connected to it. Hence, it dawns upon you that how many users are currently using the bandwidth.

It instantly blocks other users from accessing your WiFi connection. You do not need to use a long process of changing the password to prevent others from accessing your network. Just use the one-tap process to kill other connections. So, it is quite easy to use even for a newbie.

This useful tool allows you to select some particular devices to add to the block list of the network. It shows you the net surfing history of other users. It also shows you the stuff other people are downloading from the internet. So, you can decide which device needs to be blocked and which should be allowed.

It is a user-friendly app, and it is compatible with all Android devices including Android phones and tablets.

The app shows you the increased number of bytes by killing the access of other devices. Basically, WiFiKill is not a kind of WiFi hacking. In fact, it is a kind of privacy hacking. It seems immoral, but entirely legal if you want to stop the unauthorized use of your network by some other users.

However, you need to use a rooted Android phone. Without rooting, you can’t use the app. It shows “Service Error” time and again.

File InformationFile StringInformationFile NameWiFiKill apkLatest Versionv1.1File Size10.3MBOperating System RequirementsAndroid 4.0 and AboveDeveloperWiFiKill Inc.LanguageEnglishLicenseFree

How to Download & Install WiFiKill apk

Tap the “Download for Android” button given below to start the downloading process of WiFiKill apk.

Once, the downloading is over, keep the WiFi turned on and start installing the app.

It shows you the “Open” option as you complete the installation process. Tap this option to move ahead.

That’s it, guys! You will see the Home Page of the app where you can see all of the essential features. Enjoy using the app. Download For Android

How Does It Work?

When you open the app, it shows you the Main Page where you can find different options. Tap the “Play” option you can see on the top of the page. It starts looking for your network users.

A “pop-up” message appears where the app needs your permission being a Superuser. Tap “Grant” to give the permission.

Now, the app starts scanning your WiFi network and the usage of bandwidth. Wait for a while until it fetches the data for you. Within a few seconds, you will see the list of all the users connected to your WiFi network.

Currently, it will show you only the IP addresses of the connected devices. However, you can view the devices names too. Open “Preferences” in the Home Page and tap “Show Network Names” option to enable it. Now, you can see the names of the devices. The number of the connected devices can be seen at the bottom in the left corner.

In the device section, tap one device to view the “Grab” option. Slide this option as you see it. Once it is accessed, the app shows its complete history of the bandwidth usage and the blogs visited.

Here, slide the “Kill” option ahead of the connected device to disable it accessing your network. That’s it. Now, you will see the bandwidth you got by disabling the access of the said device. You see! how easily you can block all other devices to enjoy the full speed of your network.

Once, the blocking process is over, tap the “Switch off Kill” option to allow other users to access the network without any restriction. Tap the “Play” button to disable the play feature to release the privacy of other devices.

Note: You cannot block all the users at the same time. Block them all one followed by the other. Make sure; you select the “Grab” option first. Without using this option, it is impossible to use the “Kill” option. You will see the “Grab all” and “Kill all” options at the bottom of the screen. You can use them if you are using the premium WiFiKill app. If you are using the free version of the app, you need to block the users one by one.

Furthermore, if any device has “anti-WiFiKill” tool, you can’t hack the history and the bandwidth usage details of that device. Even, you cannot block it from accessing your network.

uTorrent Android 5.3.3

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The BitTorrent protocol was designed to simplify the exchange of files between peers (peer-to-peer), making it easier to transfer those of large size without depending on middlemen. The latter is possible thanks to the fact that the torrent files transferred store all sorts of metadata that contain information about their location but not about their contents.

This system is very popular to download huge files and several clients have been developed to be able to use it, starting off with BitTorrent itself or its lightweight version known as micro torrent or uTorrent.

Possibly the best torrent client for mobile phones.

The latter were initially developed for Windows, Mac, and Linux but with the arrival of mobile devices, we can now also download them in APK format for Android. The iOS version for iPad and iPhone is still not available so we can only wait and be patient.

Main features

Its functions have been adapted to the features of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, taking into account that they usually have less capacity than laptop and desktop computers and that they depend on mobile Internet connections that aren’t always carried out via WiFi.

This development for Android mobile phones comes along with the following noteworthy features:

  • Choose the location of the download of files.
  • Download torrents and magnet links.
  • Configure the functioning of the app: choose whether you want to download only when on a WiFi network or using your data plan as well.
  • No size or download limits.
  • Choose the files to be downloaded to minimize space.
  • Built-in multimedia player.
  • Configure the bandwidth limited to downloads.

How to download torrents on Android?

You only need to search for the torrents within the app to open a browser window. Once you download the file, you’ll be able to open it straight away in the client which will show you all sorts of information about each active download: estimated time to be completed, the percentage of downloaded data regarding the total, and download speed. In turn, you’ll easily be able to pause, cancel, and resume downloads.

Its interface also indicates the types of files downloaded and different details about their status, date added to the client, and date of completion, or whether we’re sharing the file and how many peers are connected.

In turn, it offers the user a built-in multimedia player for whatever audio or video files you may download to be able to listen to them or watch them without leaving the app.

What’s new in the latest version?

  • Syncing our computer and Android is now much faster thanks to a 4-digit code.
  • Fixes stability problems and errors.

 Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.1.
  • Offers in-app purchases.

uTorrent for Mac is a lightweight and efficient BitTorrent client that allows you to connect to P2P networks. uTorrent for Windows has been a big success on PCs for years and uTorrent for Mac includes all the same features that made it such a success.

Gives you full control of torrents

Everything in uTorrent for Mac is the same as you get in uTorrent ‘s Windows version including a detailed stats windows giving you details of your download which you can toggle on and off via the info symbol on the top right of the interface. You’ll also find the search box which simply takes you to a Google search results page.

The preferences dialog offers the same controls as in Windows with options to limit the bandwidth uTorrent uses, network settings and BitTorrent settings. Most importantly, downloads in uTorrent for Mac are lightening quick (if you have plenty of seeds for your file) although of course, this will also depend on how fast your internet connection is. It takes little more than a few seconds for uTorrent to start finding seeds and get on with downloading your files.

Easy to get started

uTorrent is lightweight, extremely easy to use, very fast, requires no configuration and generally just makes downloading torrents very easy. If you have used the Windows version, the main difference you’ll notice is that uTorrent for Mac is slightly stripped down compared to the Windows version.

For example, down the left hand side of uTorrent you have all the same menus that you have in Windows that allow you to select exactly what you see in the uTorrent window. You can choose to view only those downloads that have completed, those that are currently downloading, those that are active and finally those that are inactive. Of course, you can also choose to view all of these at the same time too.

However, along the top of the interface, some of the controls that you find in Windows have been removed such as the button for RSS downloads, the create your own torrent wizard button and a preferences button. Preferences can be accessed via the menu bar although there is no RSS downloader or create your own torrent wizard unfortunately.

Finally, the uTorrent website offers you several different skins to choose from, an extensive FAQ and a full guide to using uTorrent for beginners. There are few drawbacks to uTorrent but one problem is that there is no way to add or remove torrent components once they have started.

An excellent torrent client for Mac

If you’ve used uTorrent in Windows, you won’t be disappointed by uTorrent for Mac. If you’ve never used it, then give it a go and you may never go back to your old torrent client again.

Note that uTorrent provides access to a huge number of files but should only be used for sharing legal digital content.

Fix: connection to private trackers Fix: incorrect location of downloaded magnet torrents Stability improvements


  • Fix: connection to private trackers Fix: incorrect location of downloaded magnet torrents Stability improvements

Telegram Messenger Android 5.3.1

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Everyone knows that WhatsApp stands out above all the rest of instant messaging and chat applications. The service now owned by Facebook has got over a billion active users with full control over the most important chat apps for Android and iPhone. And that’s despite the fact that it has incorporated new functions much slower than its rivals, such as Facebook Messenger, LINE or possibly the best alternative to WhatsApp that we’ll ever be able to download to our smartphone. We’re obviously talking about Telegram Messenger.

The only drawback of Telegram regarding its rival doesn’t have to do with its functions but with its number of users. Their user base is out of proportion leaving the Russian application developed by the Durov brothers are long distance behind the North American service. Nevertheless, it has found a market niche of a few million users (mainly in Russia and its area of influence) that use it as their principal app or to complement WhatsApp.

One of the most complete messaging apps

And the reason why it’s so complete is the vast amount of features that have been gradually incorporatedinto this software, enriching the user experience to the max in different aspects that range from usability to security. The latter, together with privacy, has helped Telegram to create itself an image of a solid brand focused on users that demand safe and private communications.

The most serious and consistent WhatsApp alternative.

These are the main features and functions that you’ll find in the APK of the app that you can download and install on your Android smartphone:

  • Messages sent and received at high speed.
  • Synchronization with the rest of platforms: open Telegram for PC, online from the web version, iPhone, Mac or Linux, and access your entire activity and message log.
  • Security: one of the app’s main hallmarks. All communications are encrypted including individual and group chats, and multimedia messages. All the latter, end to end with 256-bit AES, 2048-bit RSA and the exchange of safe keys by means of the Diffie-Hellman protocol.
  • Secret chats function that can be programmed to be self-destroyed on both the recipient and the sender’s phone.
  • Voice calls.
  • Unlimited delivery of files without size restrictions and with support for any document types and formats (DOC, MP3, ZIP, AVI…).
  • Create groups with up to 5,000 members.
  • Configure bots for specific tasks.
  • Create online communities and news distribution groups.
  • Designed to deliver messages even with slow connections thanks to its compression technology that reduces the size of the transfers.
  • Different tools to edit photos and videos, as well as to send stickers and GIF animations.
  • Send voice messages.
  • Simple and clear design that will help you to keep a clean and tidy interface that makes it easier to use.
  • 100% free and without adverts.

We’re talking about a very solid and versatile app to send and share messages. It offers us clients for different platforms such as Windows PC, Linux, macOS, web, and iOS, so that we can continue our communications wherever we want.

However, it’s not perfect if we keep in mind that it still doesn’t allow us to make video calls like its rivals do, taking advantage of the VoIP protocol. This might be the next feature that will be implemented in VKontakte’s app since it has recently included voice calls.

Which one’s better? Telegram or WhatsApp?

Well, we have to say that in certain aspects, Telegram is much better. It offers us much more reliability in terms of privacy since its developers have made an effort to stand out in this field ever since the beginning. However, and as we said before, its greatest problem is the scarce amount of users it has, and therefore, you’re not going to find all your contacts on it.

App Info

App Download Version5.3.0
Last UpdatedJan. 31, 2019
Apk SizeVaries with device
App byTelegram FZ-LLC
CategoryFree Communication App
Content RatingMature 17+
Support Android VersionAndroid 16 and above
App Packageorg.telegram.messenger

In any case, it’s an excellent option to get hold of a secondary messaging app that offers you plenty of security and consistency. Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.1.

Telegram is an instant messaging app that, like similar apps such as Viber, WhatsApp, and LINE, gives you a simple, accessible way to communicate with all of your contacts. The main difference between them is that Telegram also offers you increased security and privacy.

Telegram’s security options allow you to create private chats with other users, which means that your conversations with them are completely encrypted and aren’t saved or stored on Telegram’s servers. And you can activate a ‘self-destruct’ feature so that your messages are erased every X amount of time.

Aside from those privacy features, Telegram offers basically the same service as any other instant messaging system: group chats, file sharing, personalized notifications, etc.

Telegram is an instant messaging tool that shares many similarities – including its appearance – with WhatsApp. Still, the additional privacy that it provides could be very attractive to many people. Don’t want conversations with certain contacts to be saved? Set them to self-destruct after ten seconds, and you’re all set!

About this app

  • Telegram is the fastest messaging app on the market, connecting people via a unique, distributed network of data centers around the globe.
  • All your messages are accessible from all your devices at once.
  • The app doesn’t use disk space to store your message on your device. The message are securely stored in the Telegram cloud for as long as you need it.
  • Telegram uses a combination of 256-bit symmetric AES encryption, 2048-bit RSA encryption, and Diffie–Hellman secure key exchange.
  • Telegram offers powerful photo and video editing tools and an open sticker/GIF platform which you can use to express your emotions and feelings.
  • Telegram also offers Secret Chats to users who care a lot about their privacy.
  • The app also offers the ability to self-destruct secret message automatically from all participating devices.
  • You can make all your content to disappear including messages, photos, videos and files.

App Permissions

Telegram 5.3.0 apk requires following permissions on your android device.

  • access approximate location.
  • access precise location.
  • initiate a phone call without going through the Dialer user interface for the user to confirm the call.
  • open network sockets.
  • record audio.
  • modify global audio settings.
  • access information about networks.
  • access information about Wi-Fi networks.
  • prevent processor from sleeping or screen from dimming.
  • read from external storage.
  • list of accounts in the Accounts Service.
  • read the user’s contacts data.
  • write the user’s contacts data.
  • write the sync settings.
  • read the sync settings.
  • access to the vibrator.
  • read only access to phone state.
  • use fingerprint hardware.
  • install a shortcut in Launcher.
  • uninstall a shortcut in Launcher.
  • access the camera device.
  • connect to paired bluetooth devices.
  • read or write the system settings.
  • write to external storage.
  • request installing packages.